Your legs are flaking off? Your lips are tingling? Your hands are itching? Your body skin is most likely dry, or very dry. Whether it is just transitory or more of a permanent condition, good news: we have solutions to fight this dryness and give balance and comfort back to your skin!

Why is my body skin getting dry?

Dry skin is characterized by an intercellular lipid cement poor in lipids and a hydrolipidic film less abundant than for normal skin. This lipidic mix naturally present at the surface of our skin is intended to protect the epidermis from external aggressions and to retain water. When this layer weakens, the skin loses its natural moisture and its fighting ability.

There are several explanations to this phenomenon. First, let’s remember that each skin is unique and results from its genetic patrimony. Thus, the hydration rate and the sebum production vary from one person to another. Nevertheless, some factors aggravate skin dryness:

- Regular use of aggressive soaps;
- Washing/showering too frequently;
- Washing with too hot water;
- Interseason time;
- Tobacco use;
- Not drinking enough.

How do we spot Dry Skin?

The first signs of cutaneous dryness often go undetected, and if we don’t pay enough attention, the condition of your skin can worsen quickly. Dry skin is easy to spot though, as it usually goes with feelings of tightness and sometimes itchiness. A thirsty skin is tensed, it looks flaky, and its texture goes granular and rough to the touch. In case of serious dryness, the skin will start peeling and/or crackling.

Fortunately, we can say goodbye to dry scaly skin!

How to get rid of skin dryness?


As cutaneous dryness is caused by the degradation of our hydrolipidic film, dry skin must be washed very gently to avoid additional damage. Regular soaps are often too aggressive and tend to wash away the lipids naturally present at the surface of our skin. The ideal soap cleans without drying and helps retain moisture, like the Baume de Douche Réconfortant. It is both cleansing and nourishing, thanks to its micellar technology. Its pearl pink and smooth texture leaves the skin amazingly soft, sublimated by a delicate powdered scent.

Your dry skin gets comfortable and smooth. It is nourished and protected from drying out again.


Finding the right nourishing skin care, adapted to your type of dry skin, will reinforce the protective barrier of your epidermis. By strengthening the hydrolipidic film, moisture will be better retained in the different layers of your skin.

The best time to hydrate a dry skin? Right after washing when the skin is clean and still lightly damp. It will be the perfect time to apply the

Hydra24 Corps, its smooth texture with chestnut and honey extracts ensures lasting hydration and leaves the skin soft and comfortable. We love its ultra-convenient pump feature to use right after a bath or a shower!


Gentle cleansing and good hydration are essential to say goodbye to dry skin. For a long-lasting effect, we share with you some additional tips:

  • Avoid super-hot showers
  • Use your towel gently, tapping your skin rather than rubbing it on your skin
  • Drink at least 1.5l of water per day
  • Wear clothing made with natural fiber (cotton, linen, silk)

Use a soft scrub once or twice a week to get rid of dead skin

Dryness Alert: Let’s pamper our lips and hands


Although dryness can affect any part of our body, some areas are more sensitive, like our lips and our hands. Their common denominator: the lips and the back of the hand have very thin skin and almost no sebaceous glands. Therefore, they are less protected from external aggressions.

In addition, our hands are always at work. Rarely covered, they are exposed to all the sources of weakening for the skin barrier: temperature changes, abrasive products, pollution, UV light. Also, we wash them many times a day, even more since we got hit by the pandemic, and with the use of disinfecting gels, they definitely have more chances to get dry quickly.

How should we take care of our dry hands and dry lips?

To protect our hand and lips from dryness, there is no secret, we need to HY-DRATE them! Nourishing the skin in these 2 areas will limit the moisture loss and keep it soft and healthy.

We strongly recommend the Crème Mains Velours with its melting texture that hydrates and nourishes the skin without any greasy feeling after application. Its components include multi-flower honey, shea butter and glycerin and bring all the comfort your hands need!

Our favorite lip treatment is the Nutricia Baume lèvres Cocoon. Delicious and lightly shiny, it relieves and protects the driest and most damaged lips. To be applied as needed during the day, you will carry it everywhere you go!