Collagen: Everything you need to know

Star of anti-aging molecules, collagen is present in large quantities in the body for the first 20 years of our life and then decreases from the age of 30. The skin then begins to lose its plumpness, the signs of aging are more present, and wrinkles appear on your face. If no miracle recipe is able to stop the aging of the skin, this natural phenomenon can on the other hand be accompanied and slowed down thanks to dedicated treatments.

What is collagen?

Collagen makes up about 30% of the proteins in the body. A true support structure for the skin, it plays an essential role in cohesion, elasticity, mechanical resistance, and regeneration of body tissues. The collagen fibers are secreted by cells called fibroblasts and bathe in a kind of jelly with a complex mixture of molecules capable of retaining water and maintaining the firmness of the skin. With age, this supportive cushion deteriorates and becomes thinner. Result: the skin is less hydrated; it becomes fragile and loses its suppleness.

Why does collagen gradually decrease with age?

Collagen production peaks at age 20. From the age of 30, the annual loss of collagen fibers is estimated at approximately 1.5% per year, before accelerating significantly after the age of 45. The skin gradually withers, skin aging is on the way. This natural phenomenon is the result of two mechanisms: the decrease in the activity of fibroblasts (collagen-producing cells) and the fragmentation of collagen. On the one hand, the fibroblasts gradually lose their capacity for renewal. Their number and size decrease, resulting in a decrease in collagen production. On the other hand, there are fewer and fewer enzymes preventing collagen fibers from clumping together, stiffening and breaking. The collagen then breaks down little by little. It becomes less flexible and more fragile. Moreover, to the factor of age is often added that of the sun. Indeed, UV rays penetrating the skin during sun exposure activate a protein that degrades collagen. Remember that the sun is one of the main causes of skin aging.

Collagen and skin aging: two inseparable

As you will have understood, collagen and skin firmness are inseparable: a loss of collagen is always equivalent to a loss of material. Diminished collagen production causes thinning of the supporting tissues of the skin. The lack of firmness leads to the appearance of wrinkles. The cheek area sags and the corners of the mouth droop. The oval of the face is gradually deformed, the skin is less plump, and the muscle tone is reduced. Good news, solutions exist to compensate for the loss of collagen in the skin. Cosmetics with targeted and carefully chosen active ingredients are able to stimulate the production of collagen fibers and slow down the appearance of signs of aging.

Anti-aging strategy : How to compensate for the loss of collagen production?

Without trying to hide the signs of time at all costs and a follower of slow aging*, Payot offers women to live in harmony with their age. Its Roselift Collagène line of products is emblematic of aging well for mature, radiant, and springy skin. Roselift Collagène products offer a double action: boosting the cellular metabolism of fibroblasts, the activity of which weakens with age, and stimulating the production of collagen fibers to redensify the skin. They are all composed of a patented active ingredient derived from Damask rose that compensates for the loss of skin matter and a collagen booster peptide.

Patch Regard Lissant

Discover the new Smoothing Eye Patch, an express anti-fatigue treatment to lift and firm the eye contour. This area, particularly fine and fragile, is one of the first to suffer the marks of age. The anti-puffiness and anti-dark circles action of this eye treatment visibly reduces the visible signs of aging. The two comma-shaped patches, made from 100% natural cotton and concentrated in active pro-collagen, offer a decongestant cooling boost.

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Apply the under-eye patches to cleansed skin, leave on, then tap off the excess product without rinsing it off. The results are there in 15 minutes! For an immediate ultra-fresh effect, leave your patches in the fridge. To maximize the benefits of our Smoothing Eye Patch, combine it with the Payot® SOS Fatigue Regard Gym BeautéⓇ!