Facial Yoga: Conversation with Sylvie Lefranc

Facial Yoga: Conversation with Sylvie Lefranc

This year, Payot is collaborating with Sylvie Lefranc, a renowned facial yoga expert in France, for the co-creation of 3 Face Gyms. You will discover simple and quick self-massage gestures, to carry out at home and accompany the application of Payot care products and boost their effectiveness.

The Gym Beauté ‘Démaquillante Détox’ oxygenates, detoxifies and revives the radiance of the skin, the Gym Beauté ‘SOS Fatigue’ decongests, reduces dark circles and smoothes the look, while the Gym Beauté ‘Smooth & Glow’ preserves the youthfulness of the skin, smoothes, plumps and boosts its natural radiance. These facial rituals, with their effectiveness measured and proven by consumer tests under dermatological control, adapt to the needs of all skin types and all ages. They can also be supplemented, according to individual wishes, by the use of targeted beauty accessories such as the Face Moving, the Quartz Roller, the Gua Sha or the Cups.

To enrich this partnership, we seized the opportunity to ask Sylvie Lefranc a few questions.

Conversation with Sylvie Lefranc

Hi Sylvie, please introduce yourself!

Hello, I am Sylvie Lefranc. I am a specialist and expert in facial yoga, and also the author of several books on self-massage and facial yoga. My bestseller is Facial

Yoga: 5 minutes a day to rejuvenate, published by Leduc.

Why did you choose to collaborate with Payot?

I chose to collaborate with Payot because, for me, it is really the brand that initiated the philosophy of facial gymnastics in France. I was a big admirer of Gym Beauté Payot, even before I started facial yoga myself. It is therefore a real honor for me to be able to rework the Payot Beauté Gyms.

Can you tell us more about the ‘Gym Beauté Spécialistes’ that you co-created with the Payot team?

The way the Payot Beauty Gyms were designed truly honors Nadia Payot’s pioneering holistic approach. It includes three dimensions of techniques that will really pamper the skin on its three main needs. The first, the need for calm, is done through the nervous system with breathing exercises. The second, taking care of the epidermis, is done through the application of products to tone it, hydrate it and nourish it. And finally, the last, the work on the deep muscles, tones where it is necessary, and smoothest or relaxes where there are expression lines.

Can you explain to us in a few words what facial yoga is and what being a facialist involves?

Facial yoga is a holistic discipline performed to prevent and help correcting the aging of facial features. It combines several natural techniques in order to respond in a very personalized way to the needs of each face: the need for relaxation and stretching of the hypertonic muscles that are sources of expression lines, the need for toning of the hypotonic muscles that cause the sagging of facial features, the need for skin radiance, etc. It also takes care of the emotional well-being of the person.

Do you have a favorite time of day, a favorite ritual to practice facial gym?

I personally favor tonifying practices in the morning and relaxation and acupressure techniques in the evening.

Is there an accessory that you particularly like to use?

I love the Face Roller because it offers a unique sensation, very soft and delicate on the skin. You can play on the temperature of the stone for an invigorating effect with cold or relaxing and draining effect with heat.

What do you think makes a woman feel beautiful?

In my opinion, a woman feels beautiful when she listens to her needs, her desires, when she takes the time to be aligned with herself and to take care of herself. In this sense, a woman can absolutely feel much more beautiful at 50 than at 20, and age is a gift that must be honored.
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