How to best take care of your scalp?

When we talk about hair care, the first thing that comes to mind is the hair itself -- how to make it softer, strengthen it or redefine its curls. However, there is an even more important area to pamper to have beautiful hair: the scalp. Base of the hair, where it all begins, its health will directly impact the health of your lengths!

Know your scalp and make better choices.

Hidden under your hair, the scalp is frequently forgotten. We often know nothing about his physiognomy. Let us give you a reminder! The scalp refers to all the skin that covers the skull. Responsible for a dual mission, it plays the role of a protective barrier against external aggressions and, on the other hand, that of hosting the hair follicles from which hair is born.


The scalp is a continuation of the facial skin, even if it is a little thicker. Like it, it is irrigated by a network of blood vessels which provide hair follicles with the nutrients essential for their growth, shine, and strength. The scalp is also subject to the same cell renewal process. Dead cells are thus regularly evacuated in the form of invisible scales to make way for new cells. When this system malfunctions and accelerates, small dead skin cells become visible and form dandruff.

Dull hair, itching or even dandruff problems, you will have understood it is the scalp which decides the splendor or deterioration of your mane. This is why a healthy, balanced scalp capable of performing its functions is key to having superb hair.

Focus on the microbiome, the secret to a healthy scalp.

To keep the scalp healthy, it is fundamental to maintain the good health of your microbiome. An ecosystem of living microorganisms, the scalp microbiome is mainly made up of bacteria and yeast. This specific skin flora is responsible for protecting the scalp against bad bacteria. Although it functions in complete harmony by default, certain external and internal factors such as environmental changes, hormonal upheavals and the use of products that are too aggressive or unsuitable can alter its virtuous circle. Result: the nature of the hair changes, the scalp dries out, the hair fiber thins and becomes brittle, which can even cause hair loss. Fortunately, there are some good practices to rebalance and preserve the scalp microbiome.

Our recommendations for a better scalp care routine.

A healthy and happy scalp does not tolerate too much heat. The use of hair dryers and other straighteners and curling irons should be done sparingly. When possible, prefer to dry your hair in the open air. Also favor a balanced lifestyle including a varied diet and carve out time for relaxation to best relieve stress. Indeed, the latter can cause sensitization of the scalp.

Furthermore, avoid inadequate hair care that harms your scalp and adopt a dedicated routine. With an extraordinary knowledge of the skin, Payot has used her know-how to create a hair ritual that respects the microbiome of the scalp: Essential. These herbal, clean and committed products rebalance and revitalize the hair ecosystem as well as all of its micro-organisms for infinitely supple and shiny hair. With up to 94% ingredients of natural origin, our Essential hair care products are enriched with upcycled patchouli extract, known to regulate sebum production and flaking, and with organic sage extract, with stimulating and protective properties of the scalp. As a caring routine, Essentiel offers the hair of women and men a delicate touch with a fresh and aromatic scent.

Discover without further delay our gentle shampoo, our solid shampoo, and our biome-friendly conditioner!

Our biome-friendly hair products.

To pamper your hair & scalp even further: Gym Beauté Payot Hair & Scalp.

At Payot, we believe that beauty is in motion. This is why we like to combine treatment with massage, and the scalp is no exception! Co-created with the famous French facialist Sylvie Lefranc, Payot offers you a combination of relaxing and stimulating maneuvers to activate microcirculation, soothe the nervous system and promote hair growth. It acts on key meridians. Lasting only 3 minutes, the Payot Hair & Scalp Beauty Gym supports the use of ‘Essentiel’ hair care products and can also be done at any time of the day. Its soothing massage gives you a moment of pure well-being while waking up and purifying the scalp for even more beautiful and luminous hair!