Cleansing mistakes, stress, lack of sunlight, unbalanced diet … the reasons for a dull skin are multiple. To recover its radiance and vitality, our skin sometimes needs a little help.


Exfoliation is key to a glowing skin. The skin is a living organ that renews itself all day long. Dead cells accumulate day after day at the surface and transform our complexion. By getting rid of them, our skin is radiant again and its texture gets smoother.

Let’s choose a method both gentle and efficient: the exfoliation with fruit enzymes. These enzymes delicately cut the links between dead cells and help them detach from healthy skin. Our face is renewed and gets glowing again. For instance, you can use the new  Peeling Éclat My Payot. Its glycolic acid stimulates the cell renewal, and its superfruit extracts from Goji and Açai act like a genuine energizing cocktail for our epidermis. Its light gel-in texture has an immediate effect on our complexion!

The exfoliation limits the skin imperfections by setting the sebum free again, no more clogging, and it improves the penetration of beneficial ingredients. Deep cleansing and hydration always go together, so do not forget to apply your serum or cream right afterwards.


The cure gives our skin the needed impulse to find balance again and stimulate naturally its regenerating abilities. When used several days in a row, or sometimes for a full month, the cure gives quick and visible results. They act as radiance boosters. They do not replace your beauty routine, they come as additional help when your skin is experiencing issues or during the change of seasons.

We love the My Payot New Glow and its light fluid texture. Its special feature? 12% of pure vitamin C, the ultimate active ingredient for skin radiance. This potent antioxidant neutralizes free radicals, softens the epidermis, and gives an immediate glow. 4 to 5 drops each night for 10 days will be enough to recover a radiant complexion.

You can renew the treatment several times a year depending on what your skin needs. Make sure to use your bottle in the first 10 days though, otherwise it will lose its ‘glowing effect’.


A healthy and pretty skin does not come only from the beauty products we apply on it, but also from the food we put on our plate! “We are what we eat” as the saying goes.

Drink water regularly. Our blood and lymph fluidize, the accumulated toxins can then be eliminated easily, and as a result, we feel globally more energy. Liquids are an essential part of our body and water not only ensures the good hydration of our internal system, but it also refuels our skin. Drink preferably in between meals, not to interfere with digestion; half a glass of water is enough while you are eating something, and it is recommended to wait about 30 minutes after your meal or snack to have another sip.

Try to limit your intake in sugar or processed foods, and add more fruit, veggies, healthy fats (from fish, olive oil, nuts) and superfoods (Acai, Goji, seeds). Their content in omegas, antioxidants and vitamins has a direct impact on the protection and elasticity of your skin. Others like carrots, cantaloupe or even spinach, are rich in beta-carotene, and will have an immediate effect on the color of your skin: healthy glow guaranteed!




Did you know that we sometimes forget to breathe when looking at our screens? Tensions show on our face, and we look more tired. In our busy and fast-paced daily schedules, it is essential to take some breaks and reconnect with our inner selves.

A few deep ventral breaths will already help you to relax et take distance from all urgencies. By focusing on our breathing, we help lowering the cortisol -the stress hormone- level in our body.

Take a seat with a straight back and your feet deep anchored in the floor; let your belly expand when you breathe in and flatten when you breathe out. Repeat several times and feel the positive effects right away! This conscious breathing should be repeated several times a day, at home, at work, when walking … and anytime you feel the need to relax and re-focus.

By putting your mind at rest, you will sleep better, and your new well-being will immediately show on your face


This is a Payot tradition! A gentle and one-of-a-kind workout, designed in partnership with physical therapist and yoga teacher Jocelyne Rolland. Discover our short exercises, easy to blend into your daily beauty routine. One minute per day will help tonifying the contours of your face and boost the radiance of your skin.

Boost your radiance with My Payot: