A radiant and luminous face contributes to your natural aura. Think again, going through the makeup box is not essential to have a resplendent look. We have concocted a routine for you to boost the radiance of your skin without artifice. Put away your highlighter, have a luminous complexion without makeup, it's possible!

Choosing the food that will help your skin look beautiful

The philosophy of a close link between beauty and health comes straight from Japan and is becoming more democratic in Europe. Japanese women don't just solve their skin problems when they appear, they anticipate. In a holistic approach, they try to maintain a healthy body and, therefore, a healthy skin, by taking care of themselves. Their secret: a healthy lifestyle that starts on the plate!

 Feeding your body with the nutrients and good vitamins it needs has a significant impact on the appearance of the skin. To improve the quality and radiance of your epidermis, choose foods rich in:

- in beta-carotene, mainly contained in orange fruits and vegetables. The best known of them is the carrot, but there are also orange, sweet potato, apricot, pumpkin, cantaloupe, etc.

- in natural antioxidants, such as red fruits, dried beans, artichokes or even prunes.

- in omega-3, essential fatty acids with a nourishing and softening action on the skin found, among other things, in fish and seafood

Staying hydrated is also crucial for a glowing complexion. Most of our body is made up of liquids and if water allows the good hydration of our organism, it acts the same on the skin. It is advisable to drink between 1.5 and 2 L of water a day, preferably between meals so as not to interfere with digestion.

Eliminate toxins to make your complexion glow

A super anti-dullness solution: we named exfoliation! The skin is alive and constantly renews itself. Dead cells accumulate daily on its surface which dulls our complexion. To restore the skin's radiance, there is one solution: get rid of dead cells by cutting the bonds that connect them to remove them from the epidermis. Fresh and young cells are on the front line and your complexion immediately shines!

We prefer a gentle micro-exfoliating like My Payot Peeling Éclat with fruit enzymes that make your skin feel like new instantly. Its gel-in-water texture provides a feeling of freshness as soon as it is applied and gently exfoliates the skin. With extracts of goji and acai superfruits and enriched with glycolic acid, this vitamin-packed essence significantly enhances the complexion and prepares the skin to be hydrated.

Double boost: hydration and radiance

A luminous skin is one that reflects your inner good health. After thoroughly cleansing and gently exfoliating the skin, we help it regulate itself and preserve its barrier function against external aggressions that accelerate its aging and make it dull. For this, we promote a good level of hydration of the epidermis by applying a moisturizer morning and evening. This provides both water in large quantities and fatty substances to properly retain this water intake. By moisturizing and nourishing the epidermis, the skin can carry out all its missions and shine with health!

As the skin regenerates faster at night, you can apply a night mask in the evening to boost the hydration and radiance of your skin. The new Masque Sleep & Glow My Payot boosts skin radiance during sleep thanks to its 3 super ingredients – organic pomegranate, organic goji and acai. Composed of 97% ingredients of natural origin, we love its fresh, melting and imperceptible jelly texture. Apply this radiance-boosting night mask in the evening in a thin layer to a perfectly cleansed face and neck. Radiant glow on waking guaranteed!

Fill up on vitamin C

Vitamin C is the radiance-boosting active ingredient par excellence. It improves the light of the face and the appearance of skin texture. In addition to providing an ultra-glowy complexion, this super-vitamin is known for its anti-aging properties. It improves the elasticity of the skin and its production of collagen. Goodbye dullness and signs of fatigue, with vitamin C, your skin radiates beauty!

Of course, vitamin C cannot be applied pure to the face, only skincare products are welcome, such as the new My Payot Glow Gelee. This gel provides the skin with its daily dose of energy and vitamins to activate its natural radiance and reveal its beautiful light. Made with vitamin C and other super ingredients, you'll love its creamy texture with peach-skin effect.

Feel good about yourself !

It is well known, what happens inside, always ends up being seen outside! Our lifestyle plays a very important role in the health of our skin. An anxiety-provoking daily life or a lack of sleep create oxidative stress and excess free radicals. This imbalance weakens the immune system and the defense mechanisms of the body, and therefore by extension, those of the skin. An anxious state shows through on our face which appears closed, our features tense, our complexion darkened.

So, let’s not forget to take a deep breath and do things that make us feel good! A healthy lifestyle also means feeling aligned on a daily basis and listening to yourself.