How to care of combination to oily skin?

A good diagnosis and a real understanding of your skin will help you to choose the PAYOT skincare suitable for your skin type, products that will improve its condition and reveal all its beauty.

Before turning to a skincare product that could meet one of your skin conditions or beauty concerns, learn to determine your skin type. 


What is a skin type?

Skin type and skin condition are two different things that will help you to choose your skincare better, the products that will best meet your beauty concerns. 



Every woman's skin type is directly linked to her genetic heritage and does not change over time. We can distinguish four different skin types: oily skin, combination skin (may be combined as a skin type known as "combination to oily skin"), normal skin, and dry skin.

However, with age the sebaceous glands work less and cause all skin types to have a tendency towards dry skin.


A skin condition is directly linked to internal or external factors: hormones, stress, smoking, pollution, diet, etc. While a change in your skin type is highly unlikely, the condition of your skin may change according to your environment, age and lifestyle and make you want to adapt your beauty routine depending on the condition identified: lack of moisture, a dull complexion, loss of firmness, etc.


How do you recognise combination to oily skin?

Oily skin is skin that produces too much sebum, the sebaceous glands are overly active: we then speak of hyperseborrhoea. Sebum production is excessive in the hair follicle and we observe an imbalance between water and lipids in the hydrolipid film.

We recognise oily skin because it is characterised by shine, enlarged pores, blackheads, whiteheads or occasional red spots and a dull complexion all over the face.  When the signs of oily skin are for the most part located along the centre of the face, known as the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin), we then speak of oil-prone combination skin. 

You may sometimes have a few doubts when finding your skin type. In order to be 100% sure of your skin type, there is nothing better than a beauty consultation with a professional in a beauty salon or spa. Looked after by skincare that suits it, your skin will visibly thank you for it. 

The signs of combination to oily skin:

  • - Enlarged pores

  • - Shiny all over or in the T-zone (we then speak of combination skin)

  • - Blackheads, whiteheads

  • - Occasional red spots

Can you moisturise combination to oily skin?

Skin type (dry skin, combination skin, oily skin, normal skin) and skin condition (dehydrated skin, a dull complexion, etc.) are two very different things. Combination to oily skin may therefore be dehydrated and lacking in water. Don't forget to moisturise it with lightweight, fluid textures when needed.