Here is our best set of advice to ensure your skin is the healthiest during the winter!

Exfoliation, the essential first step

A gentle face scrub will prepare your skin and make it softer and more comfortable. The process of exfoliation will get rid of the dead cells that may have accumulated at the surface of the skin, pores will not be clogged anymore, sebum production will be under control and your epidermis will become more receptive to the treatments applied afterwards. Your complexion will get more uniform and luminous, there will be less imperfections. We recommend 2 options:

  • A chemical exfoliation based on AHA or BHA active ingredients
  • A gentle mechanical scrub (small grains) that will respect the thin skin of your face

Our Gommage exfoliates the skin very delicately and results in radiance and natural purity. Its formula is enriched with papaya extracts, jojoba oil and AHA complex that behave like little pac-men eating everything our skin does not need anymore! You will love its grain-free, soft, and unctuous texture. Your epidermis will be freed from impurities, the skin texture will look more even, your complexion will show its homogeneity again.

Listen to what your skin needs at this time of the year

To apply a mask (or several!) is an excellent way to maintain a healthy skin or to boost it towards a better appearance. In addition to providing a real hydration cure, a mask will target the other needs your epidermis may have.

  • If you look tired, smooth out your skin by using the My Payot Sleep & Glow night mask. With 97% of natural ingredients, you can keep it on all night and wake up with a radiant face.
  • If your skin is dry, the Winter Is Coming fabric mask deeply nourishes and comforts, helping with the common winter effects. Ready-to-use, it unfolds directly on the face properly cleansed right before. Convenient, ultra-efficient and simple to use, you can take it everywhere with you, and benefit from its 15-minutes chrono results.
  • For oily and shiny skins, the Masque Charbon Pâte Grise will absorb excess of sebum and have a mattifying result. Its original black texture combines the purifying properties of the Japanese oak coal and the descaling properties of the gentle kaolin clay.

 There is a mask for every type of skin!

Do you need to get rid of these little disgraceful pimples? We have you covered!

Creator of the famous L’Originale, Payot knows a lot about how to fight unpleasant imperfections. For a clear skin, you can rely on the Pâte Grise series and its beauty secret that has served several generations since 1947. Resulting from apothecary know-how, the Pâte Grise products abound with purifying ingredients.

To deal with imperfections, this is the trio you will need:

  • It is necessary to accelerate the maturation of a pimple with Pâte Grise l’Originale which iconic formula controls the excess of sebum and appeases the skin thanks to the schist and zinc extracts.
  • Then, you can dry out the small area with the Spécial 5 purifying gel to prevent other pimples to appear in the same area.
  • Finally, you can camouflage and sanitize locally with the Stick Couvrant Pâte Grise, the visual effect will be very natural, until you get rid of the imperfection.