MY PERIOD – La cure


Each month, our agenda gets filled with the multiple and hectic activities we get involved with as an active woman, a mom, and a working individual. The clock is turning, the activities follow each other -at the best! - or tend to knock each other over, and it becomes essential to feel good about ourselves so we can live fully everything and overcome all challenges.

On top of this sometimes frantic life, we need to deal with our menstrual cycle and its effects on our skin: it becomes shiny, redness and pimples can appear, our complexion gets dull, our mood swings and fatigue takes us down. Every month, we deal with these ups and downs, and we lose a bit of the control on board.

So, what is really going on with our body, and how does it affect our skin?

  • At the beginning of our period, testosterone and progesterone levels skyrocket way above our estrogens; this imbalance brings imperfections to our face by dilating the pores and increasing the production of sebum.
  • During the following days, cortisol -our stress hormone– fluctuates and impacts our mood while making our skin more sensitive, drier and more prone to inflammation.

At the end of our period, another imbalance appears: our iron and red blood cells levels are low, our sebum production is high. Our complexion is directly impacted, loses its brightness and shows the signs of fatigue.

  • A list of undesired effects that we would be happy to do without!

No worries tough! We have come up with a program full of gentleness and targeted solutions. Our motto? Taking care of you and your skin at all the steps of your life, including these critical few days you must deal with every month.

We have crafted “MY PERIOD” program to become your skin ally, and to make sure you keep glowing and you can stay Zen month after month.

This 9-day cure consists in 9 mini shots with 3 different formulas. These 3 formulas each contain botanical extracts specifically chosen by our herbalist experts to pamper and preserve our skin from the ticking of our hormonal variations.

Super convenient, cute, MY PERIOD becomes a part of our beauty routine, elegantly and effortlessly.

Your feel-good beauty program with MY PERIOD

9 vials with 3 different serums to improve your well-being… 

Day 1-3

Your period is here again, and you check your agenda, worried: zoom meetings, after work get-together with friends, facetime with the family, … you wish you could deal with all this without wondering about how your skin is going to look. You just need to start your My Period program with the first 3 vials, 1 per day, that will deliver the necessary ingredients to purify your skin. Amazingly easy to apply after thoroughly cleansing your face, in the morning or at night, and before your regular daily treatment. Its fresh minty texture feels like a caress on your skin.

Enriched with Chilean mint extract, the serum gently purifies your skin, leaving behind some green musky notes. Day after day, your skin texture improves, distress is fading away. You will not dread this time of the month again.

Day 4-6

Your skin is purified, and your skin tone looks visibly healthier in the mirror. But you cannot stop there and risk some mood swings as your hormonal changes keep playing tricks on your system. Here comes the second step of the MY PERIOD program with 3 new vials, soothing and comforting.

Each day, you apply this translucent oil infused with jasmine extract that envelops the skin with gentle floral notes, nourishing and soothing at the same time. Thanks to this delicate moment and sensory interlude, we can resume our daily life in a more serene way.

Day 7-9

Your period is finally ending, and your complexion can look dull, you show some fatigue. It is time to move to the third step of MY PERIOD program and re-energize your skin with 3 vials of the boosting serum. Crafted with orange extract, its sunny gel texture energizes your skin and revives your tone. Its fruity scent helps with your mood too! Each application is such a feel-food moment, and it will bring what your skin needs to recover its silky and glowing look. The ideal closure to this monthly happening.

MY PERIOD, an earth-conscious program

Because we also want to take care of our planet, our MY PERIOD packaging is made from recycled materials. The box design is a tribute to femininity and will stand elegantly on your bathroom shelves; its compact size will also make it easy to fit in your luggage when traveling.

50% of its case comes from recycled paper, and 100% of the materials are recyclable; the 1.5ml single dose vials contain just what your skin needs each day of the program, and they are made with 30% or recycled plastic.

We are offering this program at a very affordable price to make it the most accessible. We want to offer a refined experience that will ease the challenges of your monthly cycle and help your skin stay balanced and look even healthier.