What about staying inspired by Valentine’s day spirit and using it for our own benefit?! Let’s not fall into full narcissism, but rather dive into the ‘self-love’ that is essential to our well-being and that needs to be cultivated all year long.

Find the right podcast(s) for you

Valentine’s Day is not only about beautiful flowers and delicious heart-shaped cakes. It is a time to reflect on love and friendship, on how the world cultivates love or could do a better job with it.

The podcast market has flourished in the past years and it is worth looking for some inspiring personalities that will brighten your day or soothe you in the evening. Look for the sunny side of life and let yourself be carried away by beautiful stories and inspiring thoughts on topics that keep you interested!

Write yourself a love letter

You may find this an odd initiative, but in reality, it is a very powerful selfcare ritual.

As we usually tend to devalue ourselves, we can counteract and save our self-esteem by sending ourselves some love and tenderness. By writing a love letter to ourselves, we better estimate our own value, our special traits and we disconnect from public or even loved ones’ opinions at the same time.

Blank printing paper is a good start, along with finding a quiet place to sit down without being distracted. If you don’t feel inspired, you can start with a list of your qualities, your successes, and all the things you are proud of.

If it feels weird to you at the beginning, you will quickly feel the benefits of this exercise, and want to perfect it.

We suggest that you keep this letter and/or these lists with you, maybe in your nightstand drawer. Next time you go through tough times, read them, and feel reassured about the extraordinary person that you are!

Save time to recenter yourself

Offer yourself moments of peace and quietness, possibly using guided meditations, especially breathing routines. Explore meditation apps and decide on one that feels comfortable to you. The benefits of meditation are well known: better management of your emotions, less anxiety, increased well-being, and a few more!

Our days are usually busy and we often forget to step aside and make sure we are on the right path. If you are not yet familiar with this ancestral practice, you will discover that by focusing on your breath, you will reconnect with the present moment, the ‘here and now’. By letting your ideas float away without giving too much attention to them, you will realize that you can detach from them and avoid them taking control of your days. We accept them and let them go, we are not ruminating any more. Breathing and Meditation are amazing tools for knowing ourselves better and expanding self-love.

Let’s pamper ourselves !

Let’s keep Valentine’s Day spirit and pamper ourselves whenever we feel we are getting disconnected from ourselves.

Light the Bougie Harmonisante in your bathroom and let yourself be carried away by its delicious notes of jasmine and musk. Let go of the tensions of the day and bring back balance to your body and spirit. The Granité Exfoliant Corps. scrub will regenerate your skin thanks to its microcrystals of pick quartz. You will love its pink ‘granite’ texture that melts on your skin. Pink Quartz is well-known in lithotherapy for its soothing and comforting properties. It is also the stone of love!

Remember to nourish your skin after this exfoliation and your skin will turn out soft and luminous!

Dive into a great book!

Another great habit to keep from Valentine’s Day spirit is the joy of reading. Look for inspiring authors that will know how to insert humor, optimism, and self-love in their writing. Make sure to reserve time every day or every weekend to dive into these creations that will help you reflect on yourself and keep heading in the right direction.