Who has never dreamt of taking their bathroom shelves in their luggage?! As there is usually not enough space, it is possible to simplify our daily routine without losing its efficacy. Less is more when traveling light!

We have prepared for you a lightweight beauty bag with the essentials you will need.

A double duty cleanser - makeup remover

If there was one top of the list essential, it would be this one. Makeup removal and face cleansing at the end of each day are together THE step you cannot overlook. Even if you leave your makeup home, you will still need to free your skin from sunscreen, dust and dead cells accumulated during your day. To remove this unwanted layer and let our skin breathe freely, we must help with a reliable cleansing routine.


Pack a 2-in-1 product like the Lait Micellaire Démaquillant. Its velvety texture brings together the comfort of a milk lotion and the micellar technology to provide a very gentle makeup removal and face cleansing experience. Enriched in raspberry extract, this fluid texture leaves the skin clean, soft, and comfortable, with no risk of cutaneous dehydration.

A face hydrating solution

During sunny vacations, UV rays and water, whether salted or chlorinated, tend to deplete the water stored inside our epidermis. The health of our skin relying for a great part on the good balance between its water and lipids content, it deserves a little help to survive the ‘drying’ conditions. By applying a hydrating crème in the morning and the evening, we provide the stratum corneum with the water supplement it needs, as well as lipids to retain this water supply. At the same time, we reinforce the hydrolipidic film and its cutaneous shield mission.

To pamper the skin of your face and boost the healthy glow effect that we expect from our vacations, we suggest the hydrating and repulping Hydra 24+ Gel-Crème Sorbet. Ultra-sensory, light and refreshing, it has an immediate cooling effect. Your skin gets hydration for 24 hours with added protection against external aggressions. This gel cream will give you a radiant and luminous complexion. And you can use it day and night!

A body cream

Showers, fabric frictions, waxing, shaving, and tanning reduce the waterproof qualities of our body skin, which then tends to dehydrate and to dry. To preserve a soft and supple skin during your vacations, it is necessary to bring a body cream with you. We love Crème Nourrissante, the most recent addition to our ‘Rituel Corps’ (Body Ritual) line of products. Its creamy texture nourishes and comfort the driest skins. Infused with pink quartz micro-crystals, it sublimates the skin by reflecting the light, and gives it a delicate scent with floral and musky notes. Also, the jojoba oil protects your body skin from drying out. You can apply it once or twice a day, depending on your needs.

A lip balm

We usually remember to protect our face from the sun, the wind and the pollution, but we often forget that our lips also need some attention and protection. Our lips, like the rest of our face, are the most exposed to external aggressions. Not only it is not equipped with sebaceous glands, but the skin of our lips is also particularly thin and fragile. To preserve your beautiful smile all along the way, apply a nourishing balm as soon and as frequently as needed.

By enveloping our lips in a hydrating protection like Crème N°2 Stick Lèvres, we let our smile stay soft and comfortable. You will love its generous and creamy feeling that appeases instantaneously the sensations of dryness.

A hand cream

To add a final touch to your light beauty bag, do not forget a hand cream! The skin that covers the top of our hands is very thin and, therefore, subject to cutaneous dryness. Always in use, rarely covered, largely exposed to all the enemies of our cutaneous shield, tirelessly washed, and washed again, our hands demand particular attention. Whenever it comes to your mind, any time of the day, apply some cream to keep your hands young and soft. The Mini Crèmes Mains Velours Payot  are small formats that you can carry with you everywhere. They penetrate the skin immediately and don’t leave any greasy feeling.

 Now you are fully equipped to keep your skin healthy and enjoy beautiful vacations!