The beauty world is definitely on the move. Payot is ahead once again, by introducing a new approach in its spa institutes: it is a revolution of the traditional facial, with ultra-tailored products to fit the precise needs of every woman.

We tested for you the new “Coeur de Soin” professional treatment called The Natural.

A new tailor-made ritual

For decades, Payot has been listening to generations of women and their evolving needs. Because their skin reflects their lives and their emotions, the brand has decided to shake up traditions and to offer each client the opportunity to discuss options and personalize their spa experience. Finding the perfectly individualized balance with the right products and the right ritual has become a trademark of Payot Professional Salons. Both subtle and generous, these multiple combinations always aim at sublimating the face and the body.

A wellness experience in 3 personalized steps


The iconic and unique Gym Beauté Payot® was created by the founder and first beautician Nadya Payot. It lasts 30 minutes and is preliminary to all face and body spa rituals.

For the facial ritual, there is a choice between the Signature and the Active versions. The Gym Beauté Signature is a mythic massage based on 42 movements that provide intense relaxation and a ‘let-go’ feeling. On the other hand, the Gym Beauté Active provides dynamic and rhythmic stimulation of all our face muscles. Both include the application of a super short and a signature balm.

 If you select the body ritual, you will experiment the Gym Beauté Intense, a holistic and innovating body massage including stretches that will mobilize tissues and joints, as well as hand and foot reflexology.


After the Gym Beauté Payot®, it is time for the “Coeur de Soin”, aka the facial or body treatment experience that will focus on the specific needs of your skin. Each of them will always follow 4 essential steps: exfoliation, mask application, holistic tools to reinforce the results and finally the face or body product best fitted for your skin.

These rituals are unique and generous, they offer visible and durable results, and the sensorial experience is unforgettable. True to its heritage, Payot offers these “coeurs de soin” inspired by its apothecary origins and generously infused by plants that have proven efficiency; rituals also include the positive energy of some well-chosen stones.

Spa clients can also opt for a full massage instead.


The « Instants Particuliers », or “Special Moments”, are another originality of the Payot beauty spa rituals. They are options to add to your beauty ritual, depending on the need and the mood! They will extend your well-being experience.

There are many options that can be combined.

The Firming Quartz Roll is an example: the skilled beautician will execute a massage that combines hands and a pink quartz roll. This stone is traditionally used in lithotherapy to reduce tension and relieve the spirit, it also tonifies and firms the face and neck muscles.

Other options include healing crystals, stimulating eye patches, scalp relaxing massage or signature hand massage.

Focusing on the new Coeur de Soin: “Le Naturel Payot”

Stress and Pollution have a visible effect on our skin and dull our complexion. The oxygenating, ultra-clean Coeur de Soin “Le Naturel” was specifically elaborated to erase the marks of our urban life and of our lack of sleep.

This new ritual starts with a 100% natural and gentle exfoliation made of organic rice powder mixed with the Herbier Face & Eye Make-up Removing Oil: the skin is left clean and smooth. It is now ready for a detoxifying and oxygenating mask made with 100% natural kaolin clay, rosemary essential oil and signature inclusions of watercress, dill, and parsley. Your skin will undoubtedly look healthier.

The next step is a massage with a zinc roller that will firm the skin and increase elasticity by stimulating key points of your face, neck and décolleté. The result is immediate: the skin feels  oxygenated, intensively fresh, and looks radiant.

 This Le Naturel ritual is using 100% organic and locally sourced products.

 Join the trend and create your own personalized ritual!