Your skin has needs that vary depending on many daily factors and stages in your life. Our solution to answer these needs and boost your skin to its healthiest? Choose a face mask that focuses on your main goal. Without further due, discover our 5 face masks that will answer most situations!

My skin is so thirsty: try the hydrating and comforting mask

Pollution, season change, fatigue… our epidermis can deal with serious challenges. When facing a lot, our skin will focus on fighting aggressions and forget about protection essentials. Cell renewal slows down, the dermis does not get enough nutriments anymore and the protective barrier loses strength. Consequences are visible: your skin gets drier and even slightly itchy.

To care for a thirsty skin, nothing better that a hydrating and calming face mask. The Baume-En-Masque HYDRA 24+ offers a real hydrating bath and soothes the worst dehydration cases in a few minutes only. Its extra-cooling texture, enriched in fig and red algae extracts, provides intense re-hydration, and boosts your skin to a healthy glow again. Its little secret? An anti-pollution active ingredient that reinforces the natural barrier of your skin.

mask set trio

I have an oily skin: opt for the mattifying and super absorbent face mask

An oily skin produces too much sebum. The sebaceous glands work too hard, and the cell renewal does not function properly. The grain of the skin gets too thick, the T-zone becomes shiny, and pores get clogged more easily. Because of the excess of sebum, oily skins can present imperfections like pimples or blackheads.

Let’s not fall for that bad habit of stripping our skin of everything with a harsh cleansing product to make it look drier, and let’s opt for an absorbing and purifying formula that will not aggress our skin. Specifically formulated for combination and oily skins, the Masque Charbon Pâte Grise mattifies in a gentle way. Its original black texture brings together the absorbing properties of the charcoal – sourced from the Japanese Oak Tree – and the cleansing properties of the gentlest clay called Kaolin. The sebum production is controlled, the skin texture is smoother, and the epidermis is purified.

pate grise mask charcoal

I have imperfections: try the purifying cloth mask

Unfortunately, we know that skin imperfections can outlast our teen years. Stress, fatigue, hormonal changes, pollution, so many factors that can lead to skin breakouts. Let’s bid farewell to these disgraceful imperfections thanks to Morning Mask Teens Dream ! This cloth mask with tea tree extracts purifies the skin and tightens the pores.


 Why do we adore these Payot lyocell organic fiber masks?

  • It is so simple and fun to use: the Morning Mask Payot unfolds on a clean skin, you adjust the holes in front of your eyes, nostrils and mouth and you just let it dry
  • It is convenient: You can bring it with you anywhere you travel, thanks to its nomad format
  • It is super-efficient: results are visible in 15 minutes chrono!

My skin just looks tired: try the anti-fatigue sleep & glow

Inspired by Korean beauty rituals, the sleeping pack, also called “sleeping mask” or “night jelly”, is a revolution to your skin routine by working on your skin while you sleep. Its watery-jelly texture is charged with active ingredients and does not need to be rinsed; it works continuously during the whole night. The sleeping pack promise: a restored and fresh-looking skin when you wake up.

To smooth your skin and get your natural glow back, apply the anti-fatigue My Payot Sleep & Glow at night, 2 or 3 times a week; or every day for a week if you need to recover from intense fatigue. Make sure to keep the mask the whole night to receive all its active ingredients benefits. The hyaluronic acid helps plumping up our epidermis again, and the silk tree extract drastically reduces signs of fatigue. Healthy Glow guaranteed!

My skin looks dull: try the revitalizing peeling mask

When gentle daily exfoliation is not enough to maintain a healthy glow, the peeling mask can prove itself very useful. Renew your skin with  Bubble Mask Peeling. Its AHA fruit acids cocktail – raspberry, blueberry, orange, lemon - oxygenizes, detoxifies and de-pollutes our skin by removing all impurities that tend to accumulate with time and dull our complexion. Its pink jelly with a fruity delicious scent turns into a crackling white foam that evaporated on the skin. A pure breath of fresh air for dull and asphyxiated skins! Your skin is fresh and luminous again.