When Spring comes, days are longer and brighter. This natural light has great benefits for your skin. Let’s first explore the best ways to get these natural benefits all year long!

What light does to your skin

Light has an extraordinary power over the skin, it gives rhythm. Captured by the retina, light sends signals to our internal clock, located in our brain, and our brain then sends our skin instructions to accomplish its different missions.

When the morning sun signals the beginning of the day, our skin knows that it must get ready for its big mission: to protect itself from external aggressions. The epidermis puts on its protective gear against the cold, the wind, dust, pollution, etc.

When the sun goes down, our internal clock sends melatonin, the sleep hormone, throughout our body and thus tells the skin it is time for regeneration. The epidermis then boosts its cell renewal process and its microcirculation for regenerative night.

 Light is an essential component to the synchronization of our internal biological clock.

 When our skin does not get enough light exposition

When our internal clock gets desynchronized, side effects appear quickly!

The most obvious example is when we travel and experience jetlag; it makes us sleepy during the day because our biorhythm thinks its nighttime. Same effect on the skin! Our cutaneous cells are disturbed and don’t function properly anymore; the mechanism of protection loose efficiency and it shows immediately: complexion gets dull, skin is dehydrated, our whole face looks tired.

Desynchronization can stem from the lack of light as well. During the winter, days are shorter, and we tend to get less exposed to the sun. It even got worse during the pandemic when some areas had to go through confinement and curfews.

It sometimes gets challenging to offer our skin the amount of light it needs every day!

Take a walk and try your best to offer your skin some exposition to the natural light every day!

Beware of the blue light!

Natural light is essential to a healthy skin, but some other types of light can be very harmful!

Blue Light is a particularly dreadful one. It is emitted by all our screens: cell phones, tablets, computers, TVs.

This type of light engages our eyes about 70 times more than regular lighting. When used at night, especially before going to bed, it obviously becomes a big impairment. It prevents our internal clock to send the melatonin our body and skin need to get into sleep and recovery mode. It messes up our whole day/night cycle.

Blue Techni Liss to the rescue!

To compensate the lack of natural light and mitigate the destructive effects of blue light, PAYOT has created a “chrono-active” line of products that help your skin recover its natural rhythm: Blue Techni Liss, enriched in Blue Chaste Tree extracts. This ancestral plant rich in phyto-endorphins fights against the desynchronization of our natural biorhythms. It also targets the effects of blue light on our skin and absorbs the free radicals by building a natural shield on our epidermis.

Blue Techni Liss is THE routine you need when your life gets so intense that the difference between days and nights is not so obvious anymore.

During the day, help your skin defends itself and boost your natural light intake by using the protective Blue Techni Liss Jour. Its smoothing action deeply re-plumps your skin.

At night, offer your skin a break and help it falls into deep repair mode by using the regenerating balm Blue Techni Liss Nuit. On the weekend, pamper yourself with Le masque peeling Blue Techni Liss Week-End, concentrated in glycolic acid (8%), to smooth your skin texture and be ready and strong to start another week!


Let the light be your ally!

Do you know Light Therapy?

This technique relies on “broad spectrum” artificial light that imitates the natural sunlight. It is used in different ailments to help your internal clock recover its original rhythm. This therapy is also said to help our skin with the production of collagen and elastin, which would limit the appearance of fine lines.

Light Therapy uses lights of various colors, with different wavelengths, and each one has a different impact on our skin. Look into this type of therapy and discover the right color to answer your skin needs!