Mystic Beauty is making a big come-back and crystals are now showing up on our bathroom shelves. Their extraordinary powers will keep surprising us.

Do you know about Rose Quartz?

Let us start with some Mineralogy! Rose Quartz is a semi-precious stone found deep under the earth surface; it is primarily composed of silicone dioxide molecules and belongs to the silicate family. Robust and 100% natural, this mineral comes in a pallet of soft and tender colors: from powdered to darker pink, including nuances of lavender and peach. Often lightly cracked with small inclusions, it is always translucent. Rose Quartz has been inspiring serenity and harmony forever. In Lithotherapy, it is known as the “stone of universal love”!

Litho… what?

As non-conventional medicine, Lithotherapy uses minerals to address ailments. Its main predicate is that stones emit unique vibrations that affect people around them, by contact or even proximity. These positive waves promote well-being. According to lithotherapy practitioners, Rose Quartz has soothing properties. It connects with love, tenderness, and peace towards others, but also and above all, towards oneself.

It brings inner calm and balances our body and spirit energies. Its gentleness infuses our body and emotional systems.

Placed on your bedstand, Rose Quartz would also bring more serene sleep, bringing together calm and love.

In Greek Mythology, Rose Quartz was already dedicated to Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. The story says that the mineral was born out of the crystallization of Aphrodite’s and her lover Adonis’ blood – when Aphrodite got scratched by brambles, trying to save Adonis who had been wounded to death. It became the symbol of their indestructible love.

A millenary beauty ritual

In addition to its soothing properties, Rose Quartz has been used for aesthetic purposes for ages. In Ancient Egypt, the Goddess Isis is said to have used it for keeping her complexion clear and protect her youthful appearance. When turned into micro-crystals and added to a face cream, the mineral reflects the light and conceals skin imperfections by optical effect. Known for absorbing bad energies and neutralizing their impact on our skin, Rose Quartz has also been present in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines for thousands of years. A quest for well-being, halfway between care and meditation.

Rose Quartz skin benefits

Rose Quartz balances the body energies to soothe our spirit and promote well-being. By helping in reducing body tensions and by facilitating self-love, this stone is a precious ally to beautify our skin.

As we all know, feeling Zen and relaxed directly impacts the lines on our face. Facial muscles loosen, skin get smoother, and complexion gets bright and glowing again.

Payot extends its RITUEL CORPS line with its new Crème Nourrissante: MELT-IN RADIANCE CARE WITH QUARTZ MICRO-CRYSTALS.

Its generous and delicate pink texture melts in your skin when massaged in and leaves a delicious musk and floral perfume. Its infused micro-crystals reflect the light and brighten the skin. The natural light of the skin is revealed. This body cream will make you feel new and gorgeous! Let yourself benefit from the Rose Quartz powers!

A new era for crystals

The renewed interest for Rose Quartz over the past few years is certainly due to its wonderful virtues. The world we are living in is tirelessly pushing towards more performance. One must give their best in a race, sometimes vicious, to achieve always more. Whether you believe in their powers or not, crystals remind us that other dynamics exist in the world. It is a comforting idea to think that the positive vibrations of a stone can be a source of calm and peace. From a more general standpoint, when you look at todays’ mass production and uniformization, it feels incredibly special to own a semi-precious stone. Forged by nature, its beauty, color, and texture are always unique. Its singularity mirrors our own singularity.