Sometimes we forget, or we just feel too tired to properly clean our face before heading to bed… what a mistake!!! Cleansing is THE beauty routine that counts!

Often neglected, removing make-up, and properly cleansing our face are essential and we are detailing here all the good reasons to adopt it again, even if you don’t wear make-up.

Reason #1: Just feel clean

Cleansing is not only recommended if you wear make-up, it is essential for all types of skin.

During your day, impurities land on your epidermis. Dust, pollution particles, dead cells, even spf creams for solar protection leave aggressive agents and create a layer on our skin that prevent it from breathing properly.

As we know, our skin regenerate and auto-repair at night, and it is therefore essential to remove that layer of impurities before going to sleep.

In the morning, a light cleansing is sufficient to remove any excess of sebum produced during the night, and dissolve the leftovers of your night cream.

Reason #2: Keep your skin glowing

An interesting aspect of the cleansing process is the face massage that goes with it. This stimulating action boosts microcirculation inside our skin and ensures that our skin cells are properly irrigated and oxygenated. As a result, our skin gets naturally more beautiful and radiant.

There are a few simple steps to a successful massage:

  • gently heat the product in your hands
  • distribute the product on 4 locations of your face (cheeks, chin and forehead)
  • massage in circular motions, from the forehead to the chin
  • remove the excess of product with a cotton round

We love to practice this routine with the lait micellaire démaquillant. Its soft velvety texture comes from the combination of milk and  micellar technology and provides a very gentle cleansing experience.

Reason #3: Limit skin imperfections

As said before, nighttime is when our skin regenerates and gets some rest. If we omit to remove make-up and impurities from its surface before going to sleep, the pores simply get clogged. And that’s the straight route to imperfections!

Why? Our skin naturally produces sebum, a fatty and protective secretion that moves up to the surface through skin pores. When a pore is clogged, the sebum cannot flow properly. It accumulates and create the infamous blackheads!

And if bacteria get in there, inflammation will start and a pimple will appear next.

Reason #4: Keep a young skin

Pollutants and particles accumulated at the surface of our skin impair its natural protection system and make it more vulnerable to aggressions. As a result, our skin struggles to retain its moisture, becomes more sensitive, oxidizes, and create too many free radicals. When the amount of free radicals crosses a threshold, the epidermis cannot process them properly anymore and they become harmful to our skin cells. It is called oxidative stress and is a central cause to the premature aging of our skin.

To prevent it, one of the simplest routines is to cleanse our skin every day!

Reason #5: Avoid the « Panda Eyes”!

Many of us know about these black circles that you discover in the mirror after waking up!

The skin around our eyes is very sensitive and fragile; and it is in direct contact with our eyes, very sensitive as well.

Make-up is supposed to stay on our skin only a limited number of hours each day. Beyond that time, make-up becomes harmful. If mascara and eye shadows pigments stay for too long on our skin, they create some irritation, and sometimes infections. Leaving your mascara all night long also leads to the risk of slowly losing your eyelashes.

We recommend a two-phase formula to make sure you get rid of all your eye make-up every night. Le Démaquillant Instantané Yeux  is a gentle formula to eliminate all make-up residues, even long-lasting and waterproof formulas, while respecting the fragile zone around the eye.

Reason #6: Multiply the impact of your other face products

Proper cleansing allows active ingredients to penetrate easily into the layers of our skin. No more impurity to block the way! It is that simple!

Moreover, you can choose your cleansing product to match your skin type. Many formulas are available, and you can opt for the one that will benefit your skin in addition to your other products.

If you skin is sensitive and reactive, make sure to look for a gentle and high-tolerance formula like la Crème N°2 Eau Lactée Micellaire. Its no-rinse formula will save you the contact with all the sediments in tap water.

If you have a combination skin, you probably need a deeper cleansing formula to get rid of the excess in sebum production. Le Gel Démaquillant D’Tox will answer your needs, help prevent imperfections and also help visibly mattify your skin.