Why is my skin oily?

Your T-zone shines, your pores are dilated, and your pretty face is easily subject to small imperfections? No doubt, your skin is oily. Good news, by knowing your skin type, you put the odds on your side to adopt a beauty routine adapted to its requirements and ensure its full health.

Why is my skin oily?

It is important to remember that oily skin is a type of skin. It is therefore largely linked to your genetic heritage. Like dry skin, it results from an imbalance of the hydrolipidic film, this thin film composed of water and fat that covers the entire skin. In the case of oily skin, the sebaceous glands are zealous and produce excess sebum. This phenomenon, called seborrhea, leads to shine, especially in the T-zone on the sides of the nose, forehead and chin, dilated pores, and uneven skin texture. It can also give rise to imperfections such as blackheads and small pimples, but this is not systematic. Excessive sebum production can also be caused by hormonal imbalance or external factors such as temperature changes or an overly vigorous beauty routine.

My skin is oily, what should I do about it?

Oily skin is the victim of many misconceptions. In order to stop its “greasy effect” at all costs, it is often stripped and treated harshly through ultra-purifying and astringent skincare routines. Big mistake! Oily skin is fragile and may show signs of sensitivity. It must therefore be pampered and considered with gentleness and delicacy, otherwise beware of the rebound effect.

Special ingredients to the rescue.

To take care of your oily skin, turn to suitable products based on appropriate ingredients, such as bamboo powder, zinc, or Chilean mint. Bamboo powder is known for its mattifying and absorbing properties. It offers a matte finish and reduces shine. Zinc, on the other hand, is a powerful antibacterial. It purifies and sanitizes the skin, thus effectively fighting against imperfections and limiting their reappearance. Finally, Chilean mint is sebum-regulating, it regulates excess sebum. In addition, it facilitates the rebalancing of the natural cutaneous ecosystem and limits inflammation. Chilean mint is the flagship active ingredient in Pâte Grise, our range of products especially designed to pamper oily skin with imperfections.

Gentle and meticulous cleansing.

First beauty gesture, cleaning an oily face must be effective but non-aggressive. Softness is the key word. Indeed, the more you want to remove the sebum rigorously, the more the skin will generate to replace it. Techniques and products that are too abrasive and detergent abuse the epidermis, which boosts sebum secretion to protect itself. They thus tend to make the skin even oilier than it already is, which is counterproductive. You are only making the situation worse. As you will have understood, oily skin requires special attention. Switch to a respectful face cleanser, designed not to stress the skin, such as La Gelée Nettoyante Pâte Grise. Enriched with small, melting vegetal charcoal balls, this purifying gel helps to deeply cleanse the skin without irritating it, and leaves behind an intense feeling of purity. The skin regains its comfort and softness, the skin texture is visibly smoothed. Its extra feature? A subtle fragrance with notes of rose flower and fresh leaves.

The appropriate dose of hydration.

Oily skin often gives the feeling of being sufficiently hydrated. It's just an impression. In fact, like all other types of skin, it needs to be supplied with fat to help its hydrolipidic film to function properly and to fight against skin dryness. It may seem like a paradox: oily skin produces excess sebum, but it still needs to be hydrated and nourished daily to be properly protected against external aggressions. In addition, when oily skin is deprived of the nourishing and moisturizing care it needs, it secretes even more sebum in order to defend itself. To help oily skin regain its natural harmony, one must meet its requirements. The morning and evening hydration steps remain essential. After a good gentle cleansing, moisturize and nourish the upper layers of the skin. Oily skin likes light and fluid textures with a non-greasy and mattifying finish, such as the Sérum Peau Nette Anti-Imperfections Pâte Grise or the Crème de Nuit Purifiante Pâte Grise.

Specific solutions to exfoliate and mattify.

To give oily skin a boost, there's nothing like a few well-chosen targeted treatments. Exfoliation can be occasional in order to gently remove excess sebum and dead skin. It helps to smooth the often uneven skin texture in case of oily skin. The Stick Gommant Purifiant Pâte Grise  unclogs and tightens pores. It eliminates blackheads for a clearer face and a radiant complexion. The purifying mask helps reduce the size and appearance of imperfections. With charcoal giving it that original black texture, our Masque Pâte Grise  cleanses the skin and limits excess sebum. For bothersome shine, the discreet and accomplices Papiers Matifiants Pâte Grise immediately absorb excess sebum and mattify the skin in one step!