L'Authentique - Regenerating gold care


L'Authentique - Regenerating gold care

Crème Matifiante Velours Payot Moisturising Matifying Care

Moisturizing Mattifying Care

Pâte Grise Crème Matifiante Velours

Stick Couvrant Pâte Grise

Purifying Concealer With Shale Extract

Stick Couvrant Pâte Grise

Pâte Grise Masque Charbon Purifiant Payot Ultra-Absorbent Mattifying Care

Ultra-Absorbent Mattifying Care

Pâte Grise Masque Charbon Purifiant

Pate Grise Concentre Anti-Imperfections Payot Tbc

Clear Skin Serum

Pate Grise Concentré Anti-Imperfections

Pâte Grise Eau Purifiante Payot Perferting Two-Phase Lotion

Perfecting Two-Phase Lotion

Pâte Grise Eau Purifiante

Pâte Grise Speciale 5 Payot Drying And Purifying Gel

Drying And Purifying Gel

Pâte Grise Spéciale 5