How to track my order?

    To track your order you have to login you account with your e-mail and password. In case you have lost your password, you can click “Forgot my password” below the login boxes and it will be sent to your registered e-mail. Then you can click “My purchase history” to display all your past orders. Click on an order and you will find the tracking number with a link to see the tracking information.

      Where do you ship?

        We ship the continental US, Hawaii and Alaska. See details about shipping here.

        How to return a product purchased on

          See our return process here.

            How to return a product received as a gift?

            If you want to return a product you received as a gift, please follow the process above. Note that only the credit card of the payee will be refunded. Make sure you return a product purchased on, product(s) purchased in store are not returnable via this website.

              What are the payment methods supported?

                • Visa
                • Mastercard
                • Other main Credit Card issuers
                • Paypal
                • Apple Pay

               Is it secure to buy on this website?

                For a complete security, our online store is plugged in a leading payment system with guaranteed security. All information is encrypted (SSL mode) and payment details are never stored on our servers.

                  Are my personal details safe?

                    Placing an order needs to process and store your personal details (name, address, phone, etc). These details are stored in our website, and are used only to process your order including third party payment and shipping your order (bank, warehouse, carriers).

                    See more details in our Privacy Policy.

                      How to modify my profile?

                        To modify your profile, you need to log into your account on “My Account” with your e-mail and password saved at account creation. In the case you have lost your password, you may send your password to your registered e-mail address by clicking on “forget your password” below the password entry box. Once logged in, click on “Account Information”, you will find all information editable about your account.

                          Modify your password

                          You may proceed like “How to modify my profile” above and just modify your password. Make sure you enter your password twice in “New Password” and “Confirm New Password”.

                            How to receive news from Payot

                              We invite you to register to Payot newsletter by entering your e-mail address in the bottom section in this page

                                How to contact Payot Press Department?

                                  You may contact Payot PR by clicking here

                                    How to contact us for more information?

                                      You may enter your questions in the section Contact us for any questions related to our online store. If you have a specific questions associated with an order, please make sure you include your order number, your e-mails and a precise question.

                                      Allergies, pregnancy and preferences

                                      All our products available in the US are tested under dermatological control, and contain NO GMO - NO TOXINS - NO PARABENS.
                                      For ingredient allergies, you can find the details of the ingredients on each product page of our website.
                                      Because our production plant is processing multiple ingredients we cannot guarantee products are gluten or nuts free or vegan.
                                      We recommend to talk with your doctor before buying any of our products.

                                      Products Information

                                      None of our products shipped after January1st, 2018 contains polyethylene microspheres, in compliance with France regulations.   


                                      Our website is designed to support access and readability to all US consumers. If you experience any issues, please let us know via Contact us so we can improve the accessibility. In the meantime our customer service will help you to place an order.