Make your skin move with PAYOT! Find skin that looks younger and more radiant, with the PAYOT® Beauty Gym, and boost the performance of the products with the Gestuelles PAYOT®.
Targeted movements that apply suction to tissue and then release it, to drain & smooth wrinkles.



- Place the large cup on the terminal node near your collarbone. Apply suction and release. X6

- Place the large cup on the deep node behind the ear. Apply suction and release. X6

- Travel with the cup along the lymph nodes of the neck, following the sternocleidomastoid muscle and using the same suction/release technique. DO NOT move the cup along the neck while suction is applied so as to limit the risk of excessive stretching forces. X6


- With the small cup, make gentle suction/release motions on all the visible expression lines on the face, particularly the wrinkles around the mouth, the crow’s feet and frown lines. X6

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