Celebrity makeup artist and hair stylist Jessica Elbaum shares her pandemic friendly tips to look refreshed and ready to go before that next business video call.

SKIN PROTECTION FROM BLUE LIGHT AND AGING. A range of care that fights the effects of desynchronized skin biorhythms, and mitigates the impact of blue light from phone and computer screens, allowing the cells to regenerate easily. During the day the skin needs protection; during the night it needs regeneration and at the weekend... it’s time for rejuvenation! Its compact formulation, resulting from a combination of our herbalist heritage and scientific research, draws its strength from both chaste tree and horehound extracts to counterbalance the disturbances in the skin’s metabolism and protect it against the effects of blue light. The combination of two hyaluronic acids (crosslinked and high molecular weight) soothes the skin surface and plumps it from within.